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Therapy for Anxious Minds and Overwhelmed Hearts

Online counseling in Texas for Anxiety, Better Relationships, and Life Balance 

It gets better.

Adelante in Spanish means "Forward." 

Whether you are beginning therapy for the first time or are returning after a while, there are two options: 

to step forward in growth or step back in the familiar.


If you're waiting on the right time, it's now. 




Anxiety can make us feel overwhelmed with thoughts. Learn to quiet and conquer anxiety and regain control.



Your history does not define you, but ignoring it isn’t always helpful. Together we will figure out how to tackle the triggers that arise and feel prepared for the future.



 Issues with trust, communication, and boundaries impact all types of relationships in our lives. Create better relationships with your partner, your family, and yourself. 

You're there for everyone else.

It feels like since birth you have been the go-to person everyone else relies on. You have, are, and will continue to have to  juggle multiple responsibilities, but sometimes you just want a break. You love your family, but being away from them for a second feels like relief, at least until the guilt sets in. Have you noticed it's becoming harder to build others up when you feel like you’re falling apart? 


Relationships are starting to feel harder and yet familiar. You become the person putting in the majority of the work in your friendships and romantic relationships, and you aren’t sure why. You’re giving and giving and feeling less and less fulfilled. Running on empty felt doable at one point, but you’ve had enough. 


Therapy is a thought you keep coming back to, but putting yourself first feels selfish. Anxiety creeps up often now, and you keep telling yourself you can handle it, until the days it feels like you can't. You want better relationships, more effective communication, and deeper vulnerability, but it all feels too foreign. 


You know it’s not going to be easy, but it will be worthwhile. You want to feel confident in setting boundaries, more attuned to your emotions, and less overwhelmed- you just don’t know how. That’s where I come in.

Barbara Martinez, LCSW-S

Hi! I'm Barbara and I got you. 

My clients come to me because they are struggling with anxiety and are wanting healthier relationships. My clients stay because they feel understood in their struggle and benefit from collaborative solutions. My clients then leave with a better understanding of themselves, feeling confident and balanced.

About Me

Let me be there for you.


Services I Offer

Individual Therapy

1:1 counseling addressing your concerns and working on your personal goals

Couple's Therapy

Collaborative therapy for couples in a relationship, preparing for marriage, or working though concerns

Immigration Evaluations 

An evaluation specific to your individual circumstance and waiver needs

Let's Talk


Yay! Talk to you soon!

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