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 I'm Barbara and I'm ready to get to work!  

“We accept the love we think we deserve,” as once written by Stephen Chbosky, is my most favorite quote. My clients know this quote well, as I often remind them what we accept is based on our own self-perception. Are you often questioning what it is you deserve? Do you ever ask yourself “Why do I keep doing that?” Do you ever feel stuck in your thoughts about where you should be and why you are not there?  Is letting “Future You” handle a situation, or pushing down moments of high emotion feel like your way to work through difficult things? Let’s change that.

When we take time to look at the how pain from the past, uncertainties of the present, and worries of the future can be conquered, we can reach a level of emotional and mental freedom that answers those bothersome questions that can keep us from living the life we deserve. Often processing our past trauma or understanding our relationship patterns can be those missing components in achieving peace in our lives.

Choosing to be in counseling is an extraordinary act of self-love and self-discovery that I believe each and every person could benefit from. In working together, my hope is that your bubbling questions receive answers. In doing so, I hope you are able to squash anxious thoughts and reduce your concerns about worthiness.

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