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Immigration Evaluations

Immigration Mental Health Evaluations (also known as a Psychological Immigration Evaluation) are psychosocial assessments that  address specific factors that help immigration courts determine if an individual or family may remain lawfully in the United States.

Adelante Counseling offers Immigration Mental Health Evaluations in Texas for:

  • Asylum Cases
    • For individuals of a particular targeted social group who have fled their home country due to a well-founded fear of persecution

  • Extreme Hardship Waivers
    • For United States Citizens who are petitioning for an undocumented family member who is at risk of having to leave the country.

  • VAWA (Violence Against Women’s Act) Petitions
    • For individuals who have experienced domestic violence from their United States Citizen partner

Image by Andrew Stutesman
  • - Do you provide pre-marital counseling?
    I do! Couple's counseling is not always for when things are not going great. In fact, couple's counseling to prepare for a marriage can be helpful in preparing for the merging of two families, cultures, and lives.
  • - We're not sure what the issue is, what do we do?
    Sometimes issues aren't there. At least not in the way we think they should be when we hear a couple is seeing a therapist. In sessions we can explore the relationship strengths and build toward your mutual goals, as well as identify areas of the relationship that may need more attention.
  • - Do you accept insurance?
    Yes, I do. I currently accept Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Oscar, Optum, and United Healthcare. Rates for sessions are dependent on your plan. I currently use Headway for billing, here you can automatically see your rates after an account is made. Please note that some insurance plans do not cover couple's or family therapy. To see if this is something your plan offers, you can reach out to your insurance provider and ask about their policies on couple and family therapy. In the event that your insurance plan does not cover couple's therapy, my rate for a 53-60 minute session is $125.
  • - My partner doesn't want to start couple's counseling, what do I do?
    Couples therapy requires collaboration and effort from both parties. An unwilling partner being forced into therapy will not be beneficial. While that can be frustrating, you can decide to pursue individual therapy; I've noticed when one person begins to change their behavior, it often has an impact on the whole relationship system.
  • - What if we have a history of domestic violence?
    If there is active and ongoing domestic violence in a relationship, seeing a therapist as a couple may actually pose serious risks. It is best and a must for both partners to feel physically safe with their partner, especially as we dive into the emotional work of couple's therapy. If you are in need of help for domestic violence visit here. If there is not currently ongoing domestic violence, then couple's therapy can be beneficial work. I'm uninterested in judging or shaming people for their pasts. We're here to work through things, together.

You belong.

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